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  • The Opurest mattress is particularly pertinent to low back pain sufferers... read more
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Opurest Select Hospitality Dual Core mattress From: £0.00

Transform your standard rooms to a premium or upgrade option with the introduction of a luxury Opurest Select Hospitality mattress. Provide your guests with an unrivalled sleeping experience to improve customer satisfaction and increase repeat business.

From the moment you lie on an OpurestŪ mattress you'll immediately feel the difference. There are no uncomfortable springs, instead at the heart of the OpurestŪ mattress is a British made RemelastŪ polymer core. more info >>>

  • Premium Hotel mattress
  • Unique Dual firmness core - One side Medium the other Firm
  • More comfortable than traditional contract mattresses
  • Removable cover for fast turnaround when required
  • Upgrades your standard room to a luxury room
  • Contours to your unique body shape
  • Eliminates roll together
  • Correctly supports your entire body
  • Reduces uncomfortable counter pressure
  • Less tossing and turning
  • Deeper and uninterrupted sleep
  • Incorporates RemelastŪ technology
  • Millions of hexagonal comfort cells
  • 10 year guarantee

We surveyed over 1000 owners of an OpurestŪ mattress with amazing results
[Read the full survey details and results]
The OpurestŪ mattress is recommended by Physiotherapists, Osteopath's and Chiropractors including out-patient care at BUPA
[Read what the medical professionals say]

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Why is the OpurestŪ mattress so much more comfortable?

From the moment you first lie on an OpurestŪ mattress you'll immediately feel the difference compared to traditional mattresses.

The millions of miniature cells that make up the unique polymer core combined with the finest two-way stretch cover faithfully contour and support your entire body.

This ability to mould around each individual's body shape reduces ‘counter pressure' on such sensitive areas such as hips, ribs, shoulders and back allowing the sleeper to enjoy a more peaceful and restful nights sleep 

Why is OpurestŪ more comfortable than springs?

The size of springs within a traditional inner sprung mattress means that the sleeper's comfort will always be compromised. This is because the springs are incapable of moulding to your body. Instead they push against the sensitive areas such as ribs, shoulders and hips to create 'counter pressure'



No more roll together

The OpurestŪ mattress uses hexagonal cells rather than springs to totally eliminate the cause of roll together.
If you've ever shared an innerspring mattress then you've experienced roll together, when the lighter person rolls towards the heavier one during the night. 

On a traditional innerspring mattress the heavier person compresses the springs more and this creates a slope. Gravity takes over and the result is roll together!
By replacing the cumbersome springs with the latest polymer OpurestŪ eliminates roll together completely.  


The perfect support

The OpurestŪ mattress evenly distributes your weight reducing counter pressure by up to 50%.

The core of the OpurestŪ is made of millions of tiny cells, it moulds to your body and evenly distributes your weight, reducing counter pressure and tossing and turning by 50%. Not only does it decrease pressure at trouble spots like the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles but also provides improved support in the hollows of your body such as neck and lower back.

The result is comfortable support for your entire body, plus restful sleep in the natural anatomical position ensuring you wake feeling refreshed and full of life. 


Tested, testing and more testing

To ensure the OpurestŪ mattress continues to offer support year after year we have pounded it using an 11 stone weight over 250,000 times. This test simulates many years of normal use and experts concluded, ‘that the longevity of the product is not in doubt'.

What's more, in recent hospital trials the core of the OpurestŪ mattress was found to reduce counter pressure by over 30% compared to other hospital mattresses.

The best recommendation comes from customers that actually use the products!

The scientific information and simulated testing can offer reassurance on the quality and durability of the OpurestŪ mattress. However it is the customers using the OpurestŪ mattress who's opinion is the most compelling...

             92% of customers said that since using the OpurestŪ mattress
                                         "a more comfortable night's sleep had been enjoyed"

          93% of customers said that they would
"recommend an OpurestŪ mattress to family or friends"

[Read the amazing results of our OpurestŪ mattress sleep trial and customer survey] 

             "As a sufferer for many years from Spondalitis and arthritis,
                                  the pain relief which I now get is remarkable"
 Mrs Byng Barrow in Furness

What does the medical profession think of the OpurestŪ mattress?

Such successes in customer sleep trails coupled with the unrivalled support and comfort provided by the OpuresŪ mattress, have elevated it to become the preferred choice of many medical professionals. The OpurestŪ mattress is recommended by Physiotherapists, Osteopath's and Chiropractors including out-patient care at BUPA

The benefit of a good night sleep

OpurestŪ's ability to promote better quality uninterrupted sleep enables you to recharge your life batteries. Once you are enjoying better quality sleep it is well known that your general well being is improved. More specifically OpurestŪ offers relief from sleep related ailments such as stiff neck, backache and Sciatica.
Which is why at NHP we believe:
                                                       is better 
                                           than medicine
                                                                                                        Traditional proverb