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We surveyed over 200 Opurest merino wool owners, and those who were already suffering from arthritis told us:


How does Merino wool bedding relieve arthritis?

Damp and clammy conditions can cause inflammation, sore joints, and general pain and discomfort. Since an arthritis sufferer experiences swelling in the joints of the body, rain, damp weather and overheating increases the inflammation, causing further irritation.

Merino wool bedding breathes, allowing hot air and moisture to escape. It can also absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture and still feel dry.

Maintaining your body at your ideal temperature in natural dry conditions, all night long, offers a welcome relief from arthritis.

The merino wool sleep survey we conducted demonstrated how sleeping in merino wool offers many advantages. Arthritis is just one of the many ailments that can benefit from regulating your body temperature in bed.

Those surveyed were also asked to consider their overall sleep and comfort. 


Take a look at the full survey results to see the many benefits for yourself.

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