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  • The Opurest mattress is particularly pertinent to low back pain sufferers... read more
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A perfect night's sleep is where you fall asleep quickly; remain comfortable and undisturbed all night, waking up feeling refreshed. Our mission is to help everyone have a perfect night's sleep and so we have put together the following guide: 

Wind down, relax and prepare for bed
A regular bedtime routine that includes relaxing the mind and body helps to prepare you for bedtime. read more... 

Create the ideal bedroom environment
Your bedroom needs to be dark, quiet and ideally between 18 – 24C. read more... 

Remove or avoid unnecessary stimulants
No TVs or gadgets in the bedroom or stop using them half an hour before bedtime.  Avoid alcohol or caffeinated drinks 2-3 hours prior to bedtime

Avoid overheating
Choose natural (woollen) bedding and duvets that allow your body to breathe, helping to maintain your ideal body temperature all night.

Sleep on an Opurest mattress
We pride oursleves on having developed the worlds most comfortable and healthy mattress. The biggest difference with our mattress is that it is springless and designed to:

  • Mould to each sleeper’s unique contours and shape
  • Reduce pressure on aching backs, hips and shoulders by spreading the load 
  • Support each individual sleeper independently, avoiding roll together in a double bed
  • The result is an uninterrupted and more restful night whether you  sleep alone or together – we guarantee it.

Consider some lifestyle changes
Regular exercise, cutting down on alcohol and giving up smoking will all improve the quality of your sleep. A healthy diet and cutting out heavy or spicy meals close to bedtime and you will fall asleep quicker. 
A small bag of popcorn is a healthy snack and helps you sleep better. why popcorn?

Change you mattress every 10 years
Our mattress will last longer than our competitors but it is important for your health and comfort to change your mattress regularly. 


  • Fall asleep quickly
  • Sleep undisturbed
  • Wake up feeling rested & refreshed
  • Avoid ‘roll together’
  • Contours to your unique shape
  • Consistent and appropriate support
  • Relieves aching backs, hips and shoulders
  • Simply more comfortable

Why not get an Opurest mattress for your bed?