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Having been recommended the Opurest mattress by your consultant or practitioner, you can benefit from our unique 60 day mattress trial.

Why should I take advantage of the Opurest mattress trial?

  • Sleeping on a mattress is the only way to choose one correctly
  • You recieve 60 days use of possibly the best mattress available in the UK
  • The option to exchange the core to provide different levels of comfort or feel
  • No need to traipse round all those retail stores
  • A quick lye down in a store does not allow enough time to choose correctly
  • No salesperson, the Opurest mattress sells itself
  • Total peace of mind that the Opurest mattress suits your needs

How can I receive an Opurest mattress on a 60 day trial?

  • Simply enter your practioner code during the checkout process, or call us on 0800 376 1285 and our customer service team will organise everything for you

What happens if I find the Opurest mattress doesnt suit my needs!

  • 92% of Opurest mattress customers enjoy a better nights sleep, however...
  • If you wish, we can exchange the original Remelast core for an alternative core, offering different levels of comfort or feel, or
  • We will collect the Opurest mattress at the end of the trial and refund you*
  • Terms and conditions apply, see details at the foot of the page*



*Terms and Conditions for 60 day trial following recommendation by Healthcare practitioner or Medical proffesional

  • The 60 day trial will commence from the delivery date of your Opurest® mattress
  • In order to truly evaluate the benefits of the Opurest® mattress we ask that you sleep on it for the full 60 days.
  • In the unlikely event that the Opurest mattress is not providing the anticipated comfort and support, speak to one of our sleep specialists who can arrange to exchange the Remelast core, for an alternitive core offering different levels of comfort or feel.
  • Any alternative core we supply during or following the trial will also benefiit from the same 60 day trial.
  • Should you wish to return the product under the terms of the 60 day trial, we will charge a small uplift fee of £99.00 in mainland UK, Super King mattresses are charged at £149 (additional charges will occur outside mainland UK)
  • During the 60 day trial should you exchange your mattress for a different size, the new mattress will not be eligible on the 60 day trial.
  • If you wish to return the Opurest® mattress after 60 days the product must be returned in a good, clean and undamaged condition.
  • Please ensure you retain your original packaging.
  • You will be responsible for ensuring the goods are adequately packed should you wish to return the products.
  • If your original packaging is not available please advise our customer service department when you are arranging collection and they will ensure that we forward new packaging to yourself prior to your collection. This packaging will be charged at £49.00 per mattress.
  • Only products returned in a good, clean and undamaged condition will qualify for a refund.
  • Should you wish to return the product you must contact us within 7 days of the 60 day trial ending.

Qualification, Payment and Refunds

  • To qualify for the 60 day trial you will need to quote your Health Practitioners unique code
  • Full payment is collected with order, which becomes refundable, minus the uplift fee, should you return the product under the terms of the 60 day trial.
  • We endeavor to refund payments made as quickly as possible but please allow up to 14 days from the date of collection.