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  • The Opurest mattress is particularly pertinent to low back pain sufferers... read more
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The Opurest brand is the result of our desire to create a range of products to deliver Optimum Rest. The brand is synonymous with quality and customer service.

We promote the Opurest range at seminars and presentations in a variety of unique and relaxing locations, across the UK and Europe.

Whether you have attended, or are planning to attend an Opurest presentation, talk to us and learn the secret of sleep you can only dream of.

Opurest was developed by the NHP group, who since 1985 have supplied luxury bedding products to improve the quality and comfort of your sleeping environment.

We utilise the very best natural materials and combine them with modern Remelast polymer technology to provide a total sleep solution. 

  • Pure Remelast is at the core of the Opurest mattress providing unrivalled support and comfort.
  • Pure Opurest Merino wool creates a natural temperature controlled sleeping environment.

Our quality products are only half the story, we are a people business:

We invest in our front line staff to ensure all our clients receive the best possible attention and service.
We invest in product training for all our presentation teams enabling them to offer the correct advice and assistance.
We invest in our UK based customer service team. Any enquiry will be dealt with professionally and with consideration for each client's specific requirements.

Supporting our quality products and professional staff is a well-oiled supply chain and distribution centre, capable of dealing with hundreds of enquiries and client deliveries every day.

If you choose Opurest, from the moment you meet our welcoming staff, through to enjoying the best night's sleep you have ever experienced, you will feel like our one and only client. 

Opurest - Our people make the difference