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Popcorn - The perfect bedtime snack HEADING_TITLE


Why it works:

  • At only 30 calories a cup, air-popped popcorn is an ideal late-night snack food. The slow-digesting carbahydrates in popcorn stimulate the release of insulin, which has been proven to control your circadian clock

  • The carbohydrates also work to transfer the amino acid tryptophan to your brain, where it's used to fire up the production of the sleep-inducing neurotransmitter serotonin

  • Dust with cinnamon or paprika; both spices have been shown to give your metabolism a boost

If popcorn is not to your taste, why not try...

  • Other carbohydrate-rich snack, like a few oatcakes or a bowl of cereal (sugar free), an hour or so before going to bed stimulates the release of insulin. This helps to clear amino acids that compete with tryptophan from the bloodstream, allowing more of this sleep-inducing amino acid to enter the brain

  • Drinking a glass of warm milk before bed will help you to sleep better - it's not just an old wives' tale. Dairy products are rich in the amino acid tryptophan, which helps in the production of the sleep inducing brain chemicals, serotonin and melatonin

How to achieve a Perfect Night's sleep,


  • Fall asleep quickly
  • Sleep undisturbed
  • Wake up feeling rested & refreshed
  • Avoid ‘roll together’
  • Contours to your unique shape
  • Consistent and appropriate support
  • Relieves aching backs, hips and shoulders
  • Simply more comfortable

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