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Why is merino wool bedding better than traditional synthetic bedding? 

Simply because of wool's unique natural ability to insulate against heat and cold in a way that no synthetic bedding can. With natural moisture control, wool brings about a genuine beneficial impact on the quantity and quality of your sleep.

What is Natural Moisture Control?

During an average eight hour sleep, you will - amazingly - produce a pint of water vapour. So you need bedding which can actively manage this moist air or humidity. Wool fibres are able to absorb a significant percentage of moisture, leaving a layer of  dry air next to your skin. Not only that, the construction of its fibres will actually take the remaining moisture away from your skin. Wool's natural coil-like fibres (crimp) also trap pockets of still air - one of the best insulators found in nature. On the other and, synthetic fibres fail to control humidity; moisture remains on your skin and you quickly become cold as this makes your body temperature fall.

Why is moisture control at bedtime important to you?

High moisture levels in your bed result in an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. This causes you to toss and turn. As you do, your body temperature rises and you get no more than a ‘shallow' sleep. Wool's natural warmth - and ability to produce drier sleeping environment - is scientifically proven to bring down your heart rate, thus promoting a deep, relaxing sleep.



Merino wool bedding keeps the body at your ideal temperature
Synthetic bedding causes the body to overheat and perspire more

How can wool help with medical conditions?
A deeper and more restful sleep allows both mind and body to recover; revitalised for the day ahead. Replacing damp and clammy conditions withthe warm and dry environment the wool provides, offers relief from arthritis, rheumatism, backache and other general aches and pains.

Genuine customer response
Whilst the scientific and medical information speaks for itself, it is the reaction of customers using our woollen bedding that has provided the most remarkable results...

93% of customers said that they enjoyed                              
"better sleep" when using our woollen bedding

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